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Mike Kold Hermann

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About Me

What I am specialized in:
Programming/Coding (Mainly HTML or Java)
& Animation/3D (Not very good at it, but trying to learn)

What programs I use:
Dreamweaver/Netbeans, Maya/Cinema 4D, Photoshop/Illustrator
and much much more.

What I've been doing all my life:

First of all, I got out of 9th grade with just below an A in the most common courses, like Danish and English.
After 9th grade I went through 10th grade, because I wanted to get my grades as high as I could, but honestly I didn't do very well in 10th grade.
My expectations for 10th grade were high, but when I finally got in it wasn't very interesting, at all.
Therefore I only got my grades a few percentages up.
After 11 years in 'hell' I got out, and right into this interesting class.
I've learned more than ever and I've been making more than ever.
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